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Moving a Book of Business - Potential Pitfalls

By Bruce O’Toole
May 31, 2018

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Last Call for Relevant Appeals from the OSC

by Alistair Crawley
May 16, 2018

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Robert Brush and Michael L. Byers publish paper in Carswell's Annual Review of Civil Litigation

May 14, 2018

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Benchmark Canada Publishes Analysis of Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP

May 1, 2018

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Bruce O'Toole quoted in Law Times: "Battle over ruling may be headed to Supreme Court"

April 23, 2018

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OSC Publishes Initiatives Aimed at Protecting Seniors

by Clarke Tedesco
April 17, 2018

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Individual Acts and Corporate Benefits: Towards a More Expansive Standard for Company Liability

by Michael L. Byers
April 4, 2018

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Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP named "Securities Litigation Firm of the Year" by Benchmark Canada for the second year in a row

March 7, 2018

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OSC Whistleblower Program Explained

by Anna Markiewicz, PCMA E-News Brief
February 27, 2018

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ONCA: Miller and Cheng “Ought Reasonably to Have Known” Better

by Dana Carson, Alistair Crawley and Bruce O’Toole
January 31, 2018

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Should OBSI Have the Power to Make Binding Orders?

by Clarke Tedesco and Alexandra Grishanova, PCMA E-News Brief
January 30, 2018

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A Fine Balance: The Characteristics of Effective AND Enforceable Restrictive Covenants

by Safina Lakhani and Alexandra Grishanova, PCMA E-News Brief
December 12, 2017
Non-competition and non-solicitation clauses are important tools for protecting your company’s trade connections and confidential information when key personnel leave. Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP discusses how to effectively protect your firm with restrictive covenants.

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Uncharted Territory - Application of Securities Law to Cryptocurrency Offerings

by Natalia Vandervoort, PCMA E-News Brief
November 28, 2017
Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP comments on Staff’s recent guidance on the application of securities laws to cryptocurrency offerings.

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Alistair Crawley, Melissa MacKewn and Robert Brush listed by Lexpert as leading litigation lawyers

November 24, 2017
The firm is pleased to announce that Alistair, Melissa and Rob have all been listed as leading litigation lawyers in the Lexpert Guide to the Leading US/Canada Cross-Border Litigation Lawyers and the Lexpert/ROB Special Edition - Canada’s Leading Litigation Lawyers.

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Don't be the next Equifax: Cyber-liability in an Age of Data Insecurity - Recognizing and Managing Cyber-Risk

by Robert Brush and Michael L. Byers, PCMA E-News Brief
October 19, 2017
In today’s business climate, securities issuers and dealers are making a serious mistake if they fail to fully appreciate the implications of cyber-security for their business.

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Robert Brush and Michael L. Byers publish paper in the 2017 edition of the Annual Review of Civil Litigation: "Separate, Independent and Confounding: Understanding Personal Liability For Corporate Acts"

October 10, 2017
While corporations might be legal fictions, the protection from personal liability they afford to their directors, officers and employees is very real.

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When Is “Close” Close Enough? Assessing the Availability of the Family, Friends and Business Associates Prospectus Exemption

by Bruce O'Toole and Kate McGrann, PCMA E-News Brief
September 26, 2017
The introduction of the family, friends and business associates exemption (the “FFBA”) to the prospectus requirement in the Ontario Securities Act promised to “provide a cost effective way for issuers (other than investment funds) to raise capital from their networks of family, close personal friends and close business associates.”

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Melissa MacKewn named 2018 Best Lawyers™ "Lawyer of the Year" for Securities Law in the Toronto area

August 22, 2017
Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP is pleased to announce that Melissa MacKewn was recently recognized by Best Lawyers™

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3 Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP lawyers recognized in the 2018 Edition of Best Lawyers™ in Canada.

August 22, 2017
Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP is pleased to announce that Alistair Crawley, Melissa MacKewn and Robert Brush have been included in the 2018 Edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada.

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Melissa MacKewn recognized by Benchmark Canada as one of the Top 25 Women in Litigation for 2017

July 27, 2017
After months of research, Benchmark Litigation announced the winners of this year’s Top 25 Women in Litigation for Benchmark Canada.

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Melissa MacKewn Featured on BNN: Home Capital settlement is a 'creative' solution

June 15, 2017
Home Capital Group has agreed to pay a total of $12 million in penalties to the Ontario Securities Commission.

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Alistair Crawley quoted in article on "IIROC Shouldn’t Have Court Authority to Collect Fines"

May 12, 2017

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Investment watchdogs have been asking for far too much power — and Ottawa just gave it to them Alistair Crawley, Financial Post

May 12, 2017
The siren call for the proposed expansion of the powers of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization Industry of Canada (IIROC) to enforce its fines through the courts in Ontario has been welcomed with open arms and few questions.

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Alistair Crawley Featured on BNN: Why more legal trouble could be on the way for Home Capital

May 4, 2017
The OSC has set Home Capital's next hearing date for June 2nd.

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Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP named “Securities Litigation Firm of the Year” and Alistair Crawley, Melissa MacKewn and Robert Brush all ranked as “Litigation Stars” by Benchmark Canada

February 27, 2017
Benchmark Canada honoured Crawley MacKewn Brush LLP with the award for “Securities Litigaton Firm of the Year” at the Benchmark Canada awards gala in Toronto.

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